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Roll Tide Mini Pizzas


Quick. Easy. Cheap. Are you hooked? Ok, they are also pretty yummy. Now I have you hooked (I know because you are still reading).

I mostly followed this recipe, but with a few changes. Since this blog helps me remember how I did it, I will post my directions after.


Roll Tide Mini Pizzas

First, let me address the name. Why “Roll Tide” Mini Pizzas? Well, why not, I mean come on. But mostly because it reminds me of which cup I prefer to use to cut the dough. However, if you are a fan of another team, I suggest finding a different recipe. 🙂


I can Pillsbury refrigerated pizza dough (two are pictured, but I didn’t need the second)

Pizza sauce


Favorite pizza toppings



Preheat oven to 425 (or the temperature recommended on the can of dough).

Prepare your pans with cooking spray. This is where I differed from the recipe link. I used five small pans from Michael’s to make the pizzas that we were eating for dinner. However, I did prepare a cupcake pan for the leftover dough.

Roll out the dough. For the mini pans I cut the dough with a cup. You can do the same for the cupcake pans, but I noticed that the dough does not like to be reworked more than once. You may choose to just take lumps of dough and press them down with the heel of your palm.


Roll Tide Roll!

Place your dough into your pans. Spoon in your sauce, add your cheese, and top those babies.


Bake for 15 minutes for a crisp crust. The rims may look burned, but it’s just the cheese. The bottoms were perfect.

If using a cupcake pan I suggest baking for 7-10 minutes. It really depends on how thick the dough is.


Let cool on your plate and then enjoy! I love that we had the cupcake pan as well, because they make great bite size snacks.


**Hubs and Mansie approved recipe!**

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My first blog. Ever.

Ummmm, behind the times much? Possibly. I have so many creative friends blogging these days, and hey, I’ve got a creative hair or two. So why not give it a shot? I suppose the big delay has been figuring out what I would call my blog. And then the perfect name occurred to me today. Ok, ok, I stole it. Not good for building my creativity chops, right? I’m sorry, I just thought it was too great to pass by. After all, as a military family, home is wherever we are all together. Thus, “homeiswherethekhansare” was born.

Another concept that bugged me was the point of a blog. Isn’t Facebook sufficient? Quite possibly, no. Plus, I am starting to feel bad about subjecting my friends to countless inner thoughts that I think are either (1) hi-LAR-ious, (2) brilliant, or (3) imperative to know. Usually they are none of the above. This blog gives people the option to be subjected to these thoughts. Although, as a FB addict, I can’t guarantee I’ll stop posting random thoughts, it’s sort of second nature now.

I’d like to transition some of my projects to this blog from Facebook. Sort of like a “how to” archive for myself. Crafts, projects, recipes, or just general “Look-What-I-Did-Mom!” sort of stuff. Maybe someone else will benefit from it too. Boy, is that wishful thinking.

So read at your own risk. It’s either going to be great, or a total waste of five minutes of your life (sorry, no, I do not give refunds).


– L 🙂