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My first blog. Ever.

on September 14, 2012

Ummmm, behind the times much? Possibly. I have so many creative friends blogging these days, and hey, I’ve got a creative hair or two. So why not give it a shot? I suppose the big delay has been figuring out what I would call my blog. And then the perfect name occurred to me today. Ok, ok, I stole it. Not good for building my creativity chops, right? I’m sorry, I just thought it was too great to pass by. After all, as a military family, home is wherever we are all together. Thus, “homeiswherethekhansare” was born.

Another concept that bugged me was the point of a blog. Isn’t Facebook sufficient? Quite possibly, no. Plus, I am starting to feel bad about subjecting my friends to countless inner thoughts that I think are either (1) hi-LAR-ious, (2) brilliant, or (3) imperative to know. Usually they are none of the above. This blog gives people the option to be subjected to these thoughts. Although, as a FB addict, I can’t guarantee I’ll stop posting random thoughts, it’s sort of second nature now.

I’d like to transition some of my projects to this blog from Facebook. Sort of like a “how to” archive for myself. Crafts, projects, recipes, or just general “Look-What-I-Did-Mom!” sort of stuff. Maybe someone else will benefit from it too. Boy, is that wishful thinking.

So read at your own risk. It’s either going to be great, or a total waste of five minutes of your life (sorry, no, I do not give refunds).


– L 🙂


6 responses to “My first blog. Ever.

  1. peascarrotsandcrayons says:

    LOL ^

    I love your theme it’s so “fall” 🙂

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