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Normally it’s just me and my 17 month old at home during the day, but recently I’ve been babysitting children that are closer to preschool age. I’ve been racking my brain (and scouring Pinterest) to find something to keep them entertained during long days. I am not a fan of simply putting a child in front of the TV, and even if I were, Ms. Laurie can only take watching the same Disney movies and shows on PBS Kids over and over again. So, here we are, on a budget friendly crafting adventure to keep the kids (but mostly me) sane during long days. Enjoy!

Materials Needed:

  • Wax Paper ($1 Dollar Tree)
  • Assorted Tissue Paper (Pack of 40 sheets $1 Dollar Tree)
  • Glue Sticks (Pack of 4 $1 Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors
  • Pen, Marker
  • Ribbon or String ($0.97 Walmart – not pictured)
  • Template (I used a big cookie cutter, but you can easily freehand the shape or print out a shape to trace)


Preparation: Likely best to cut up sheets of tissue paper ahead of time. Choose colors that correspond to the shape you are making – we did orange and yellow for pumpkins. Fold up your tissue paper so that you can cut quickly and with little mess. As I cut the paper into small pieces, I held it over a plastic cup. Then, the kids were able to pick out the colors from the plastic cups without worrying about little pieces of paper flying all over the kitchen.


1. Tear off a sheet of wax paper, draw a block on the bottom half to guide your tot or preschooler. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up with tissue paper in very random places on your paper 🙂


2. Put some glue down in your block, and place the tissue paper over it. Try to get it as

thin as possible, allowing the pieces to overlap. Keep going until the block is mostly full!


3. Smear glue on the top half of the wax paper


4. Fold paper over and smooth. The glue on the top half should “seal” the tissue paper in once you perform this step.


5. Use your template to trace your shape. I traced with a pen first and then drew over the line with a marker. I didn’t want permanent marker on my cookie cutter. Again, you can definitely freehand the shape!


6. Cut out your shape. If you’d like, decorate the shape with your markers! Cut a hole in the top (I used a hole punch) and thread your ribbon through. This would be cute hung on a window, and even better made as garland! Just make bunches of shapes and punch two holes in each so that you are able to thread your ribbon through.


Hope you have fun with this craft! This was fun for me AND it cost less than $5! Wow! Plus, now I have the supplies on hand to make many more that correspond to any season. 🙂

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